Designed and operated by TD Ameritrade, the Read more about think or swim software is an educational tool developed to help traders and investors learn about all things having to do with online investing. It is offered on many trading websites like, etoro and 24option. The software was initially developed in 1997 under the name Online Investors Advantage and has grown into a company with a revenue estimating roughly $318 million. As of early 2009 the Thinkorswim Group Inc was acquired by TD Ameritrade Holdings Inc. Among all aspects of its provided services the Read more about think or swim software offers leading services in self-directed stock options. This article will further explore, in detail, some o the key features offered throughout this educational software in order to further understand how this particular software can help investors and traders alike reach their financial goals.

Extended Availability

One feature offered by the Read more about think or swim software offered by TD Ameritrade is the fact that, although available hours are for 5 days a week, those hours ar all day. This provides investors and traders with extended potential in that there is more trading and investing to be done within the given time frame. Furthermore, this allows trading and investing to be done as your schedule permits. Additional features available within this service includes, but is not limited to a wide selection of available securities such as EEM, SPY, DIA, and more. Extended hours overnight provides early access to orders placed within a certain time frame. Finally, trading after the market has closed is also extended to further convenience busy schedules.

Compatibility & Support

Two nicely implemented features that have been built into the Read more about think or swim software is the software’s capabilities to sync to any device type in addition to placing the power in investor’s and trader’s hands by given them in app chatting capabilities. While the ladder provides a helpline for any issues needed to be immediately resolved in addition to guidance in general making the software cross compatible makes the system easily accessible no matter the location. Here various pieces of information can be synced including alerts, charts, and more. This allows investors and traders to go about their everyday lives as planned while having a lifeline to receive help with the app and/or software when help is needed the most.


Last but not least, yet another feature that has been implemented into the Read more about think or swim software is the social aspect of trading and investing. Here the social integration pertains to how investors and traders are able to track their activity in real time making overall evaluation effortless and making the decision making process a little bit easier. In conjunction with this feature additional tools and resources have been built into the system that provides a learning platform for investors and traders to practice their trading skills by using strategic skills to determine the best path to take using the paperMoney tool. This is all virtually done to urther understand how trading and investing operates as a whole. Ultimately, this system has been developed, tested and approved by traders.

In conclusion, the Read more about think or swim software is a financial based software developed and approved by traders in 1997 so that other traders and investors can further learn the ins and outs of trading and investing. While the software does allow or extended activity during market after hours operations are only available over the course of a 5 day period. That said, this software has several built-in features that further educate traders and investors an educational platform used to learn various tools such as paperMoney (a virtual learning tool used to practice trading), device sync and in-app chatting, as well as real-time socialization with the system to accurately track investments and trades. Overall, these are not the only features that have been incorporated into this system. While the software was developed for traders by traders the operations are conducted through TD Ameritrade.